The first demonstration of the GIBON transmitter has been reported at the last Optical Fiber Conference (San Diego, March 22-26, 2009). In this transmitter, an InP-based Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) selector IC, performs multiplexing of two input data streams at 50 Gbit/s each, and feeds a drive signal at 100Gbit/s to the Electro-absorption Modulated Laser  (EML). Owing to the good quality of the input signal (500 mV amplitude, low jitter) and to the high modulation efficiency of the EML, the emitted optical signal exhibits an open eye diagram. This is the first time an EML transmitter is operated at such high speed.
The upper trace shows the 100 Gbit/s optical output of the EML-based transmitter as detected by a high-speed photodiode and a sampling oscilloscope (horizontal scale: 5 ps/div.). The lower trace shows the complementary output signal from the Selector.
Sketch of the experimental set-up, illustrating one of the Selector outputs driving the Electro-Absorption Modulator (EAM) section of the EML through a bias T which allows a separate biasing of the EAM
The GIBON 100Gbit/s transmitter