Work performed & achievements

The following results were achieved in the different work-packages:

Work Package 1: Specification & test

- Based on current 10G Ethernet specifications, a first set of specifications for the transmitter and receiver was defined. These specifications were further refined, based on the measurements of experimental EML and photodiode samples.
- Modelling of single mode fibre transmission was performed in order to assess the application area for the components developed in GIBON.
- A test set-up was assembled and successfully operated for 100G characterization of the transmitter and receiver, using an optical clock transmission.

Work Package 2: Transmitter integration

- An Electro-absorption Modulated Laser was developed, based on a high modulation efficiency AlGaInAs QW and using a short modulation section so as to allow its operation as a lumped device at 100 Gbit/s.
- Based on a newly available 0.7 Ám InP HBT process, a specific driver, providing a 1V output swing voltage with a negative bias offset (-2.5 V) was designed and fabricated. Other high-speed mixed-signal circuits were designed including 2:1 selector and DFF acting as multiplexor and demultiplexor for their integration within Tx and Rx modules. 
- A Tx module was successfully designed and assembled allowing very close integration of a selector/driver chip with an EML. A 2dB Dynamic Extinction Ratio was measured at 86 Gbit/s, for a -3.5 dBm average power coupled in fibre.

Work Package 3: Receiver integration

- A very high-speed pin photodiode module was designed, exhibiting a bandwidth larger than 100 GHz.
- A Receiver OEIC integrating a pin photodiode and a large bandwidth Travelling Wave Amplifier based on an InP HEMT technology was designed. Following an optimization of the HEMT process, pin-TWA chips were successfully fabricated and packaged.
- Packaged pin and pin-TWA were also developed, with very limited bandwidth degradation when compared to bare dies. Moreover both devices were assembled with demultiplexing ICs in compact Rx packages and characterized up to 107 Gbit/s, exhibiting a record sensitivity of 1.7 dBm.

Work Package 4: Device / integration modelling

- 3D electromagnetic modelling was developed for characterization and optimization of the photodiode chip/output connector transition.
- DC characteristics and S-parameters of various emitter length HBTs (0.7 Ám emitter width) provided inputs for the development of a scalable HBT model, used by WP2 in their driver design.
New... The GIBON 100Gbit/s transmitter and 100 Gbit/s demultiplexing receiver - Scalable Large-Signal HBT Modelling - An EM model of photodetector chips...